Esther/Reseda’s new song is Yalla Tinam Rima, or “Oh, Lord, Help Rima Sleep.” Arabic lyrics and translation found on this forum. I have no idea if this song dates back to when she was last in the Middle East, but finding one lullaby took long enough, so I’m going for it.

Esther: يالله تنام ريما
يالله تنام ريما يالله يجيها النوم
يالله تحب الصلاة يالله تحب الصوم
يالله تجيها العوافي كل يومبيوم

يالله تنام يالله تنام لادبحلا طير الحمام
روح يا حمام لا تصدق بضحك عا ريما تتنام

ريما ريما الحندقا شعرك أشقر و منقى
و اللي حبك بيبوسك اللي بغضك شو بيترقى

Oh Lord! Help Rima sleep
Oh Lord! Help Rima sleep, may she become sleepy
May she grow loving, to pray and to fast
Oh God! Make her healthier each day

May she go to sleep and I will cook a delicious pigeon
Go pigeon bird, don’t believe what I am saying, I just say it so that Rima will sleep

Rima, Rima, beautiful rose of the prairies, you have shining blond hair
The one who loves you shall kiss, and the one who hates you will go away

Woman: That was a beautiful song, dear.

Esther: Thank ya, ma’am.

Woman: He don’t mean it, you know, when he shouts. It’s the drink.

Esther: Regardless, I’m to follow ‘is orders.

And ‘e’s ordered me to make ya stop complainin’ for a spell. Again. Am I to use the method that worked before?

Woman: Esther . . . sometimes I wonder if your kind ain’t sent by the Devil himself.

Esther: Are ya turnin’ me down?

Woman: . . . No.

Esther: Then I’ll help ya forget all yer troubles for a while.