Nahumville, and other sites around Harp Lake. Increasingly crowded sites.

Josh: Imagine you had a really great gift, okay, and part of it fell off . . .

Look, you wouldn’t build a house on sand, would you? It would collapse the first time a big storm came by.

What I’m trying to say here is — be excellent to each other!

Audience member: He has such a way with words . . .

Disciple: He takes us aside afterward and explains what the metaphors mean. Yeah, we’re totally in on all the secrets. It’s pretty cool.

María: Aren’t you tired of this sermon by now, Saxon?

Saxon: Tired? No! Shh, my favorite part is up next!

Wait, what’s he stopping for?

María: It looks like not everybody’s a fan.

Saxon: Who does that guy think he is, harassing my Lord?! I would so go kick him in the stomach if I didn’t have standing orders not to do that.