María: What do I think? If you don’t have the power right now, you should work on figuring it out, that’s what! Also, while you’re working on being nice to Saxon? Give him a more normal name!

Some of the nicknames you give people are innocuous —

[Simeon Ben Judah, a.k.a. “Rocky”]

María: — but anyone who knows Latin is wondering what kind of sinister thing Saxon did to be called “Knifey.”

Josh: Ooh. What’s a good non-controversial name?

María: Try something patriotic.

Josh: Saxon! From now on, you also answer to “Judah”!

Saxon: Yes, Lord!

María: As for figuring out how to change him . . .

Are these your only notes from your travels? Your handwriting is terrible.

Josh: Hey, you’re the scribe, not me! If you had come along on the trip like I asked, we wouldn’t have this problem.

Disciple 1: Are we sure they’re not secretly married?

Disciple 2: When I write all this up for history, I’m referring to María as “the disciple Josh was totally into.”