Man: My leg . . .

It’s okay? I can walk again?!


You’re amazing!

Josh: Thanks . . . listen, do me a favor? Don’t go around telling people about . . .

. . . this.

Crowd: He healed that guy. / Yes, he did. / He’s worked a miracle. / He sure has.

Josh: Uh . . . hello, friendly and reasonable fans . . .

[sparkle sparkle]

Saxon: Do you need a ride out of here . . . ?

Man: He really is the Anointed One, just like he says!

Josh: I never said that! You’re the ones saying that!

María: Maybe you should lie low for a while, Josh. Give the hype a chance to die out.

No matter how hard you stick to the “civil disobedience” idea,you’re making the Empire nervous. And once the rumor gets around about this new level of power you have . . .

Josh: I know, María! You don’t have to spell it out for me!

Saxon: Or me! Not that it would help, given how I can’t read.