María: And when he says “road trip” he means “we’re going to hang out in Jerusalem by day, and me and the guys will still be crashing at your place overnight.”

Disciple: We aren’t a burden, are we, Magnificent Mary?

María: Hey! I’ll tolerate the cutsey nickname from Josh, but the rest of you don’t get to repeat it.

Old scribe: So you’re the one called “Magnificent Mary”, eh . . . ?

Young scribe: We’ll make a note of it.

María: Hey!!

Saxon: You should be nice about my Lord’s nicknames! After all . . . he’s not going to be around forever.

The temple.

(chatter chatter)

Josh: Whoa! This is supposed to be the temple courtyard! How did it turn into a block of shopping?

And not even nice shopping! I come here to do a bit of reading, maybe some prayer, and the place is full of ripoffs and loan sharks!

María: Josh, maybe this isn’t the best idea . . .

Josh: Everyone wants to hear my teachings? Fine. It’s about time these people got schooled.

María: I can’t watch!

(CRASH) (thud.) (MOOOO~)

Young scribe: Ooh! How should I refer to that move?

Old scribe: Call it a “tableflip.”