Fancy borders! And hey, now they both have names.

This interlude is being colored in Photoshop rather than my longtime standard Paint Shop Pro 7. Downsides: I have to switch back into PSP anyway to make dialogue balloons look nice.

Upsides: so many fancy new brushes and effects! You keep right on sparkling, Josh. (He’s a man with glitter in his soul.)


María: Maybe the dream was some kind of premonition. When you leave for this trip, you’ll leave me behind, and I’ll never catch up with you again.

Josh: Why don’t you come along? It’s a journey to the Indies, not the heavens. If you change your mind, you can come back. And there’ll be work for a scribe, I’m sure!

María: Oh, I couldn’t! An unmarried woman, on the road with a group of men who aren’t her family? Think what people would say!

Unless this is your way of making me an offer…

Josh: Now, María, you already know why I can’t do that.

María: Right…Because you still think you have that destiny.

Josh: I can’t help it if the Lord has chosen me for greatness! All I can do is keep myself pure and try to live up to His calling!

María: (SIGH.)