At last, the interlude ends!

At last, we meet the version of the Donkey seen in the Fourth Anniversary art special.

(And at last, it’s posted! The first real sunny summer days just hit around here, so everyone in the world wanted to spend the day downtown, and then all go home at the same time. You don’t want to ask how long I was sitting in the subway station, waiting for a train with breathing room.)

This page takes place in 2009, so it’s still a flashback relative to the main storyline (which begins in 2010). Just a really recent one.

Dr. Rosen: This one’s just a standalone letter, none of the distinguishing markings we’ve seen on other shards . . . It’ll need more testing.

But at first glance, the way it’s aged, the craftsmanship . . . It sure look like the others.

Well? Is it ringing any bells?


Professor: Could still be anything from my research, Dr. Rosen.

Dr. Rosen: Luthien?

The Donkey: Same as ever, boss . . . It seems familiar, but I don’t remember if it was created by one of my Masters, or made to be used against one, or what.

Professor: Maybe if we find enough of the sigil to figure out what it means, that would help?

The Donkey: I hope so!

Dr. Rose: Don’t stop thinking about it, you hear? I need you to come up with something useful before our Cohen Foundation grant runs out.

Interlude 3 ~ End