I’m having a lot of fun working out the mundane-sounding place names. (Virtual cookies to the first reader who reverse-engineers them and figures out their IRL locations.)


Copy room, Scrolls’R’Us.

Boss: María! Visitor — says he only wants to talk to you!

María: Remind him that you only let men copy the holy writings, so he can relax!

Boss: Not an angry visitor! More a tiny, cute one.

María (thinking): I guess my writing hand could use the break.

María: And you are . . . ?

The Donkey: Here on behalf of my Master! He told me you’ve been his friend for a long time. He was on a trip, but now he’s back, and would like to see you again!

María: Do you mean Josh?!

The Donkey: That’s him! He’s in Nahumville now. If you want to meet there, I’m supposed to bring you with me when I go back. He says hi!

María: There is no way you could make a round trip to Nahumville on your own. You’re, what, eight?

The Donkey: Well, eheh . . . I’m not exactly what I look like. Let me show you.