Josh: I think visiting other countries, talking to lots of people with completely different philosophies, helped me to appreciate our own history and texts even more deeply.

People sure are listening more when I talk about it! Nobody ever said “wow, teacher, that was so great — do you need a place to stay? How about my house?” before! Say, do you want to crash with us while you’re here?

María: And be the overnight guest of an unmarried man?

Josh: It doesn’t have to be like that, María . . .

The guys think of Saxon as just a traveling companion of mine. Show her, Saxon!

Saxon: Yes, Lord!


Saxon: Ta-da!

Josh: So you’d be staying as the guest of two unmarried men!

María: . . . That doesn’t actually make it better.

But forget where I’m going to stay for a second, Josh! The important thing is — Did you make a person?

Josh: That depends on what you mean by “person” . . .

María: The being you’re calling “Saxon” is what I mean and you know it!!