[[dramatic irony intensifies]]

Quick, linguistics-fan readers: look up the Hebrew for “Unshaped Being.” (Bonus level: figure out why this Being is called “Saxon”.)


María: Of course! He’s an Unshaped Being. Does that mean he could take on any form you told him to . . . ?

Josh: Not quite. I don’t understand how a living body works well enough to design one from scratch. All the Beings as complex as Saxon are based on existing creatures. I was going to make a Dove, like I used to as a kid . . . but it turns out that was taken.

Not a problem, though! I like Donkeys just as much.

Saxon: And I’m just happy as long as he likes me.

Josh: Hey, ah — don’t go telling people about this, though, okay?

María: Wouldn’t dream of it. Do your new friends know?

Josh: The guys? Not yet. There are a few I plan to tell at some point. I’m just afraid if it gets out more widely, someone will accuse me of playing God. And I can’t see that ending well.