Year 19xx.

Man: You won’t regret coming to the Institute, Mr. Walker.

All of our guide dogs are trained to the most exacting standards. We’re sure to have the perfect companion for your daughter.

Mr. Walker: Most excellent.

Mr. Oliver: Did you say these are the Walkers?

Mr. Walker: Yes, my good man! And you are?

Man: That’s Mr. Frederick Oliver! He’s one of our generous sponsors.

Mr. Oliver, this is Rhett Walker and his daughter Ann.

Mr. Walker: Charmed, I’m sure.

Ann: Lovely to finally meet you.

Mr. Oliver: My pleasure! Miss Walker, you must join me for a stroll. You are the same young lady who wrote to me, yes?

Ann: Yes, I —

Mr. Walker: No, that was me, writing on her behalf! I’ll just walk along with you.

Mr. Oliver: That won’t be necessary, sir.

My companion will be enough of a guide for both of us.