Okay, admittedly, I cheated a bit by giving Ann’s Being the normal-human font instead of the Being font as part of its disguise.

In my defense, it was for a quick reveal. Characters who have been seen speaking with the human font long-term aren’t going to suddenly turn out to have been Beings all along.

Cohen: How did you . . . ?

. . . Say your name. Here, I’ll go first: “My name is Stuart Cohen.” Now you.

Ann’s Being (as Ann): (heh)

Do you know, you’re the first person to ever catch me doing this? My Master will be very impressed. I’ll ask if she wants to bring the car around so she can congratulate you.

Cohen: Neat trick. You make him pose as you often?

Walker: On occasion.

Cohen: Ever thought about doing it on a permanent basis? Make the world think you have supernatural senses and don’t age.

Walker: Yes, because that worked so well for Dorian Grey.