Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: year 200X.

Archivist: Sadly, this collection has not yet been digitized. Your generous donation, of course, could help with that.

In the meantime, you are welcome to go through as many of the items on microfilm as you wish.

Ann’s Being: Wait . . . I can read this one.

Archivist: You can? We do not even have a Rosetta stone for that script! A translation would be a miracle for scholarship!

Ann’s Being: It inventories the possessions of King . . . a name, don’t remember how to pronounce it. Grab a pen — you’ll want to write this down.

Later that night.

Walker: I do hope you made up that entire translation.

Ann’s Being: Of course, boss! I would never give something like that away for free.

Walker: And you didn’t think we should just tell the archivist to make us an offer?

Ann’s Being: Oh, but now the UAE thinks it has the answer. There are Beings who would read the real contents for free, just for the pure joy of scholarship . . . and now, none of them are going to be asked.