Year 197x: New York State.

Archivist: I’m very sorry, ma’am, but that collection isn’t available right now.

Walker: ?

Archivist: One of our students is working with it.

Walker: How much longer do you plan to have that out?

Stu Cohen (young): Well, I . . . Are you Ann Walker? From the Forbes 100 Women to Watch list?

Walker: Did I make another list? It’s so hard to keep up.

Stu: Well, it’s an honor to meet you! I’m a big fan. Stu Cohen. Business major here at the university.

And I can be finished with the Sokolowski collection right now if you need it. I didn’t pull it for a class or anything, just personal curiosity about his Being. Which is all academic — it isn’t like I’m ever going to have one of my own.

Ann’s Being: If he’s interested in us anyway . . .

Walker: Mr. Cohen, how would you like to keep reading . . . out loud?

And so . . .

Stu: The finding aid says most of the records about the Falcon are in box 3, but I think some of these letters in box 4 might be relevant. By the way, I’m totally putting “personal assistant to Ann Walker” on my résumé.

Walker: Young man, that is deceptive and manipulative. Let me know if you ever need a letter of reference.