Year 198X: Walker Labs, Chicago.

Young Karen Park: He could have been in sun bear form this whole time and I never knew?

Scientist: No, wait a minute . . . Mr. Cub, would you mind giving me your paw?

Yes, the pads of a sun bear paw are longer and narrower than this. I suspect he’s currently just a brown bear with odd markings. Did you catch that, boss?

Walker: I did. Disappointing. Can you get DNA samples from all the forms?

Park: It’s okay, I still like your polar bear form. Even if it turns out to be nothing more than albino grizzly form.

Scientist: This is a new technique in which we analyze the DNA in cheek lining cells. It can take some time to analyze, and Walker Labs doesn’t have the facilities in-house, but if you want a copy of the results when we finish . . .

Park: Thank you, but it’s not necessary.

Scientist: And . . . done!

Park: Finally! Is that enough tests for you, Walker? Can we get to the Game now?

Walker: You’ve been very helpful, Mrs. Park. I challenge you.

Park: I accept!