Those two sigils in the background are the symbols of the Cow and the Other Cow. (See them in action.)

We’re close to running out of questions already in the Being Q&A, so if there’s anything you’re curious about, now would be the time to ask!


Q. Forget the legalities of ownership — aren’t there any laws relating to the Game itself?!

A. What Beings do to each other is seen as their own business. Governments tend not to intervene.

Q. What do Beings get out of the Game that makes them so willing to duke it out rather than live in peace?

A. Beings are perfectly willing to live in peace when that’s what their Masters order. However, the Game is the only thing that comes close to “following my Master’s orders” as something a Being has any intrinsic desire to do.

Q. If they can read/write in “the language of the contract”, maybe a studious Being has kept a log of the early days?

A. Maybe! Although if something like that exists, its whereabouts aren’t known to any of the humans doing serious research on the topic.

Q. I’m allergic to cats, so would I be allergic to a cat Being?

A. Nope, you wouldn’t be allergic. Not unless you also had some kind of Being allergy.

Q. Is it possible to genetically alter yourself to become a Being? Have crazy scientist people ever attempted to do so?

A. I’m sure someone’s tried it, but never successfully. Patrick has said the difference isn’t genetic, but something more insubstantial (the presence of free will, perhaps?), which is pretty hard to alter with science.