Quick plug for the Leif & Thorn campaign, plus an explanation of how it’s different from the But I’m A Cat Person volumes.

(Volume 5 will be ready soon! I just have a few more pages’ worth of bonus material to draw…)

Bianca: Book news, everyone!

Sparrow: Oh! Is this the release of the fifth volume of But I’m A Cat Person?

Bianca: No, but it’s just as good! The first volume of Leif & Thorn can be preordered on Kickstarter — until midnight on Wednesday!

Sparrow: Cool! But hey, why preorders? Our books don’t have that.

Bianca: That’s because all the BICP volumes are print-on-demand! When a reader orders one book, the vendor prints one book and mails it right then.

Leif & Thorn is getting a short-run printing. The artist takes preorders, and uses the funds to print a whole batch of books together! The mass production makes each one cheaper.

Sparrow: Sounds like a good deal! Why don’t we do it for BICP?

Bianca: Well, there are tradeoffs. We’ve released 5+ BICP volumes this year! That speed would be impossible if we had to do a fundraiser every time.

Plus, BICP readers get a book printed whenever they order one! Once all the books from the Leif & Thorn print run are sold, there won’t be any more TO order.

Sparrow: You mean if I don’t preorder a book now, there might not be any left by the time I get to it??

Bianca: Good acting.

Sparrow: You heard the lady. Supplies are limited! Don’t miss this opportunity! Act now!