bi flag marchersOriginally released in September, getting re-released for June. Bi characters ftw.

Emma will explicitly use “pansexual” later in the comic, but she’s not a hardliner on refusing to be called “bi.” She and Bianca both feel happily represented by characters who use either term.

Cohen’s appearance in the 2014 strip confused a fair number of readers. His sexuality had never been named at that point, and “he’s bi, it’s just not visible” was…too confusing for some people to intuit, I guess?

By the 2016 strip, he’s both used the word in-universe and started making out with Bennett.

Above: Bi Visibility Day 2014

Bianca: September 23 is Bisexual Visibility Day! To celebrate, we’re going to spotlight some of the bi characters from But I’m A Cat Person. Starting with me, Bianca!

. . . Technically, we could include half the cast here. All the shapeshifters are capable of being attracted to any gender. (Also, capable of being any gender.) But let’s skip to the human front.

The woman I’m currently dating — that’s Emma, here —

Emma: You look incredibly hot in a suit.

Bianca: — also happens to be bi!

Emma: And if you were a guy, you would still look incredibly hot in a suit.

Bianca: And, um . . . wait, Camellia, aren’t you only attracted to women?

Camellia: The memo I got just said “bi visibility day.”

Bianca: Sorry, that was supposed to be bisexual, not bigender! We’ll spotlight trans characters some other time.

And, wait, why are you here?

Cohen: Beats me. I’m not visibly bi.

Below: Bi Visibility Day 2016