Audience-callback version of this page from chapter 20!

Full disclosure, I’m on a push to finish and promote Volume 6 before I start posting the next chapter. It’s 98% ready, so with any luck I’ll send for a proof copy this weekend, but there will be at least a couple more days of filler in the meantime. Bear with me!

Audience: Robot roll call!

Sparrow: Miranda?!

Audience: Rich brat!

Cohen: Sweetie!

Audience: Buzz off so Daddy can get laid!

Miranda: Sparrow!

Audience: Dork!

Bennett: “Sparrow”?

Audience: Cockblocker!

Sparrow: Bennett?!

Audience: Gay!

Miranda: Dad! Bennett?

Audience: Cockblocked!

Sparrow: “Dad”?

Audience: Called it!

Bennett: Cohen!!

Audience: Shalom!

Cohen: Bennett . . .

Audience: Hit that!

Reseda: Rocky!

Audience: Kitty!

What? I thought we were doing a bit. It looked like fun.

Audience: Kitties aren’t invited to the orgy!