BICP character designs from an alternate universe.

In order to avoid attracting attention in the city, the runaway Tiger (whose animal form is more variable than most) took the shape of a tiny melanistic leopard, hoping to pass as a black house cat. Sparrow, as a cat person, was charmed, and took him home herself. Here, it’s Bianca who thought there was something off.

The Tiger is more subtle than the Dog, so he doesn’t get caught until he chooses to. But since he’s rudderless without a Master, and kind of emotionally frail after what he’s just been through, he chooses it pretty quickly. He still gets the name Patrick, and his human form ends up being very similar.

As Bianca’s Being, the Tiger may be recovering from trauma, but he’s still clever and proactive. When there’s a mysterious other Being keeping tabs on her, he lets her know right away. And he’s smart enough to work his magic on ATMs without leaving a trail, bringing home wads of cash as trophies the way a normal cat might bring home dead mice.

Walker, meanwhile, would be very frustrated if she knew what she was missing out on. Sure, she basically has a seeing-eye dog with a bunch of magical perks, but in this universe she’s way behind the curve with her taking-over-the-world plans.

The Dog will follow orders to the letter and with great enthusiasm. He just isn’t great at improvising, or being crafty, and she can’t make plans that rely on him going along with anything too complicated. He has a talent for mindless adoration, which Walker finds flattering…to a point, after which it just gets tiresome. She mostly uses him for his ability to do limitless enthusiastic physical work in bed.

As Walker’s Being, the Dog is much happier and less traumatized. He gets lots of clear orders, follows them very well, and gets praised for it — and has been doing so for half a century. If she wants to ruthlessly crush all opposition beneath her heel, well, he thinks that’s just dandy, and is eager to be at her side so he can help.