Here’s that White House petition. It’s official, which means that it gets enough signatures, the president has to respond.

And here are some US-based organizations to support:

Readers from other countries, do some googling to find your own local groups. General LGBTQ+ organizations that include trans rights as part of their broader mission are also good targets for support.


Delphinium: November 20 is Transgender Day of Remembrance. And this year, it’s more important than ever that we memorialize our dead by FIGHTING BACK.

Bianca: Allies, you’ve probably seen online chatter about subtle ways to show your support — like wearing a safety pin. But why be subtle?

Get a pin that says Trans Rights Are Human Rights. Get a pin that says #IllGoWithYou. Make it so that, even if nobody asks, they know where you stand.

Vine: I know a lot of you maybe don’t have a lot of money, but, like, if you do have some? There are a ton of groups that are going to need it right now. Scroll down, you’ll get a whole list. With links and everything.

Timothy: And here’s something you can do for free: Sign the official White House petition to have the president commute Chelsea Manning’s sentence to time served.

She’s a trans woman in a men’s prison, her life is at risk, and you know that the next president isn’t going to give a damn.