US readers, I’m sure you’ve been bombarded with more than enough reminders to vote, but I just wanted to throw you one last reminder of why it’s important. Featuring most of BICP’s major American characters, and one scandalized Brit.

Check out the videos at How To Vote In Every State (including DC and the territories) to confirm the specific local details, and find your polling place here.

Sparrow: A lot of us, for our whole adult lives, have only had health insurance because of the Affordable Care Act. They couldn’t repeal the whole thing outright, so now they’re trying to carve it up piece by piece.

Timothy: Every $1.00 spent by the SNAP program increases the GDP by $1.79. It’s one of the best economy-boosting programs we have! So when someone attacks it, they’re not trying to save money. They’re just mad that low-income people get to eat.

Emma: They put an agent of for-profit colleges in charge of the Department of Education — now she’s sabotaging debt relief for student loans!

Bianca: They put an agent of oil companies in charge of the EPA — he sabotaged environmental safety regulations across the country! Also, hid records, took kickbacks, and used taxpayer money to send himself on vacation.

Jany: You’re putting children HOW young in cages??

Miranda: Also, tearing refugee children away from their parents and sending them to immigration court without any lawyers. Because a traumatized four-year-old can totally handle their own legal defense.

Dr. Gaillard: Defining us out of existence is the first step in rolling back all the rights we’ve spent decades fighting to get recognized. And the rest of the community is next. We’re just the easiest target.

Karen Park: How much blatant corruption can Congress let slide? This is banned in the Constitution for a reason!

Cohen: No, it didn’t come out of nowhere. It’s just been in code. Any time someone trashes “globalists,” “New York elites,” or “George Soros,” what they actually mean is “blame the Jews.”

Bennett: Ohhhhh.

. . . I have nothing to say in defense of my party.