First news: But I’m A Cat Person chapter 30 starts next week!

That’s right, this is no longer an Unspecified Hiatus. There is an official date for the Comic Proper to return.

Bonus news, while the anticipation builds: I had a great time at Flaming River Con 2019 this past weekend — but it did leave me with a few extra copies of BICP volume 1.

Which means, for a limited time, you can get Volume 1 signed, and with a sketch of your favorite character inside.

(It will always be available from the BICP online store, but that gets shipped directly from the printer to you — it never passes through my hands.)

The first place I’m offering them is through the current Leif & Thorn Kickstarter, with a new tier that gets you one volume from each series. Also includes the PDF ebook of BICP #1, and a mini-print of this art:

It is extremely pretty. The colors came out great.

This tier is limited to 5 pledges. If it doesn’t get 5 preorders, I’ll open up another way for readers to buy the signed-and-sketched BICP volumes (free mini-print still included, even). If it does get all 5…there won’t be any left to buy!

So get your orders in now. Or at least keep an eye on the campaign, to make sure you don’t miss your shot.

See you next week for the cover of Chapter 30!