It’s here! It’s queer! It’s Cybele’s spotlight volume, which means it’s very pink.

That’s right, you can now add BICP volume 4 in paperback to your shelves. Including chapters 12-15, with remastered pages, bonus art, and more.

Shown here being ignored by my grandparents’ tabby, Scatter. (If it can’t be used for brushing or eating, he’s not interested.)

This is coming up on the halfway point of the story, and it’s where all the alliances are shifting. Miranda gets a tentative truce with Bianca and Sparrow. Bennett and Cohen both want to be friends, although they don’t want to admit it. Jany takes that job offer with Walker and moves off of her brother’s couch.

You can also buy the ebook versions of every volume on Gumroad — and today is a great day to buy, because for 24 hours Gumroad is donating all their profits to flood relief efforts in Kerala.

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