At long last, But I’m A Cat Person volume 6 (chapters 19-22, with new art, variant covers, and other bonus material) can take its place on your shelves.

Presented here by the residents of Cleveland’s local cat cafe! Because a beautiful product deserves beautiful models. (Top to bottom: Cheddar, Cuddles, Sade, Mohawk, Alma, Cuddles again.)

You can also pick up all the earlier volumes of the series. No room in your budget for extra comics right now? Find the website for your local library, and make a request!

Sidenote: there are risks to using print-on-demand, but Lulu is good enough that Volume 6 is the first time I’ve gotten anything that was misprinted. (The colors weren’t calibrated right. For a more surreal comic, it would’ve been a pretty cool effect.) And once the problem was brought to their attention, Lulu fixed up their equipment and sent me a fresh copy, absolutely free.

No customers have reported problems either, but if you do ever get a BICP volume that looks off, please don’t hesitate to contact Lulu’s customer service! They’re on top of it.