A quick positive PSA, brought to you by the But I’m A Cat Person cast.

(…which has so few straight/cis characters that I literally had to resurrect one from the dead to round it out. Awkward.)

If you love and support LGBT+ people, you belong at Pride.

Doesn’t matter if you’re the L, the G, the B, or the T,

or if you prefer one of the other letters in the latest version of the extended acronym,

or even if you are the straightest, cis-est person in the world. Or maybe you don’t have yourself all figured out yet. That’s fine too!

Naresh: Eyyyy.
Miranda: Okay, definitely not you.

You can be here to celebrate yourself, your family, your friends and your loved ones, and/or basic human decency.

– I Love My Gay Sister
– LGBT Rights Are Human Rights

As long as you champion our rights to love who we want, live who we choose, have access to whatever medical treatment we need and all the legal equality we deserve,

then you belong at Pride. No matter who you are. Come out and celebrate with the rest of us.