I’m working on a big chart of Which Characters Know What Spoilers. Any readers want to help fill in some blank spaces?

Current as of this latest chapter…so if you haven’t read that far yet, don’t click the image!

Other feedback I’d like:

– Are there any characters whose knowledge you’d like to see tracked in those last two rows?
– Any other plot-relevant details that you think should have a column?

I might be changing heights and widths depending on what people ask for…or maybe I’ll straight-up swap rows with columns. (So it’s a good thing I didn’t fill in the whole thing yet, heh.)

If I knew more about Flash, I’d make a whole interactive chart, where you could click different characters/reveals and get little comparative graphs about who learned what when. Orrrr maybe that only sounds fun because I’ve been staring too much at Google Analytics lately.

Update (Sunday night): Version 2!

I went with the row/column swap. And instead of Dr. Rosen getting her own column, there’s now an “Other” column that includes relevant-but-poorly-informed parties like Rosen, Dr. Gaillard, Dr. Köhler, and Sparrow’s mom.

…given how much of this has been successfully kept from Walker, maybe I should fold her into the “Other” column. (Or maybe I’ll split that last chunk into 5 mini-columns, no details, just chapter numbers as applicable…)

The rows, meanwhile, are in the order of “when was this detail revealed to the readers?” And there’s a convenient split down the middle for the spine of a book.

New questions that readers can help with:

– Fill in the blank green boxes! When did those characters find out those things?
– What are the exact chapters when the readers found out these things? (The early ones are gimmes, but some are a bit more obscure.)
– Have Rosen, Gaillard, Köhler, and Mom Applebaum gotten in on any other secrets?
– Anything that should go in that one last row?
– Did I ever confirm whether Bennett knows what’s going on? I don’t want to impose any continuity errors…but I kinda feel like he doesn’t.