I’m working on an ebook of Chapter 1, hopefully to be followed by an honest-to-goodness print version. There will be bonus material. Joy and sunshine will abound.

As part of that process, the first four people who reply to this post will get a free custom sketch! That sketch will be emailed to you privately, and no one else will get to see it…unless they by the ebook. Marketing!

A few rules:

  • The sketch has to be BICP-related. (Otherwise it wouldn’t make much sense as BICP bonus material, now would it.) Crossovers are allowed; they’ll count as parody, so they won’t violate copyright law.
  • No porn. My parents are going to be getting a copy of this, after all.
  • Please don’t ask for blatant spoilers (e.g. “I want a sketch of Nevada-san without his mask”). If you do, I’ll have to find some obnoxiously creative way to fulfill the letter of your request without spilling the spoiler, and nobody wants that.

And remember, general commissions are also open.