Four people have claimed free exclusive sketches for the back of Issue 2…but two of them have asked for scenes that would spoil Issue 3. (And one of them still hasn’t worked out what he wants. Somehow I suspect he’s overthinking it.)

The spoilery sketches are getting drawn, but will be put in issue 3. Which means I may as well make that issue’s last two sketch slots available to everyone, along with the two remaining for Issue 2.

In other words, if you want to claim a sketch, here’s what’s still up for grabs:

  • Sketches that DO NOT SPOIL Chapter 3: Two
  • Sketches that spoil merrily away: Two

Same rules as before apply.

In the meantime, the current round of fundraising to put all this together is still ongoing, with fabulous prizes for anyone who donates before September 30. And remember issue 1? It’s now up on Amazon. So please, if you pick it up, go there and leave a review!