Sometimes you want an ongoing story to keep up with; other times you want to dive into the archive of a finished comic and come up at the end. Here are some of those. Roughly in order from least-elaborate art to most-elaborate.

StickManStickMan – All stick figures. Deeply funny. Plottier than it looks. The kind of strip where a superintelligent alligator wins Who Wants To Be A Millionaire; a square yard of land in the center of the Bank of England’s main vault becomes the sovereign nation of Vaultland; and you can go pseudo-Super-Saiyan by playing Tetris.

Worst of the Time Lords – Single-panel Doctor Who fancomic, in which the Tenth Doctor gives snarky self-deprecating commentary on every episode of his run. For anyone who loves Who but also enjoys watching people poke their fingers through the plot holes.

Suburban Jungle – Anthro soap opera about an aspiring supermodel/actress. Ambition and interpersonal drama with some charmingly weird touches, like the programmer who occasionally speaks in code and the conspiracy-theorist panda who actually got abducted at least once.

Fake News Rumble – Daily Show fancomic. An evil AU version of Dick Cheney has come to conquer this dimension, only to be stymied by Jon Stewart and a bunch of correspondents who seem to be abruptly developing superpowers. (Or, in John Oliver’s case, to have always been a Time Lord.)

Buying Time – cyberpunk m/m romance. In a world where conversation time is a paid commodity, our hero struggles to save up enough money (and courage) to get something going with his crush. Every strip is a Flash file with stunning animation, making the world feel that much more futuristic.