Sometimes you want to take a really deep dive into an archive and not come out for a while.

Ozy and Millie (2000+ strips, complete): She’s a mischievous fox kid. He’s a philosophical young wolf who was adopted by a dragon. They have shenanigans!

Bug Martini (2000+ strips, ongoing): Loosely-connected but densely-packed gags. One of those comics that gets an amazing amount of expression out of glorified stick figures. (Caveat: avoid if you have a low tolerance for bodily-fluids jokes.)

The Robman Show (2500+ strips, complete): Adventures of a nerd, his friends, the Angel of Death, and several talking childhood toys. (Plushie Cthulu is my fave.)

Phil Likes Tacos (5000+ strips, ongoing): Phil splits his time between fast-food comedy and geek-culture surreality. Best friend Doug spends 100% of his time being surreal. They used to be roommates, then Phil married Millie, which is why Doug’s evil twin and robot double both had to go to a wedding.

Kevin and Kell (7500+ strips, ongoing): The world’s longest-running daily webcomic. Fun, progressive furry sitcom. Lots of interspecies couples, business drama, and emergency filling-in for the Easter Bunny.