“It comes in arcs?

Comics that have a joke at the end of every strip, but that might be better saved up and read in batches, because it’s easier to remember the details of a storyline if you read it all at once. (Not that I always have the self-restraint to hold off until a storyline ends….)

Bruno the Bandit – fantasy comedy, complete. A self-centered Conan-type adventurer and his perpetually-annoyed mini-dragon assistant go around being heroic, sort of. There’s some surprisingly heartwarming family stuff (Bruno’s mother is a former adventurer herself, and at some point a daughter ends up in the mix), in between satirizing everything from epic fantasy to reality TV.

(True story, this comic is the whole reason for the way I number Leif & Thorn strips.)

Flaky Pastry – fantasy adventure-comedy, ongoing. An elf, a goblin, and a perfectly normal woman with cat ears share an apartment. Part wacky roommate sitcom, part questing across the magical multiverse, with the occasional breathtaking bit of scenery porn.

Schlock Mercenary – Sci-fi dramedy, ongoing. An interspecies team of mercenaries goes from “wacky shenanigans” to “inventing new tech and uncovering alien secrets that reshape the whole nature of intergalactic civilization, plus wacky shenanigans.” Notable for its great AI characters, increasingly complex and clever alien-species designs, and hard aversion of the “sci-fi writers have no sense of scale” trope.

Skin Horse – Mad-science-y dramedy, ongoing. The adventures of a government outreach team to America’s sapient nonhuman population. There’s a talking dog, a zombie, an intelligent swarm of bees, a bunch of robots, and a human whose official job description is weird therapy.

(And if you like it, don’t miss Narbonic, a complete mad-science comedy in the same universe.)