I’ve picked up some new webcomic reads lately. Let me introduce you to the prettiest. (And, frequently, the ones I’m trying to learn something from…)

The Sanity Circus – Fantasy drama, ongoing. Girl gets attacked by a demon, it turns out not to be random, and (eventually, once the story picks up) there are family secrets and cross-town chases and, yes, at least one battle at a circus. The lovely soft coloring style makes every page atmospheric, and there are some great design touches in the monsters and magically-adept protagonists alike.

Dark White — Angsty fantasy drama, ongoing. Notable for detailed scenery, fascinating magical-creature design, and pretty characters suffering prettily. There’s some kind of magical international conflict — honestly, I archive-binged it a while ago and don’t remember much of the detail. I’m mostly here for the pretty suffering.

Alice and the Nightmare — AU fantasy magic-school drama, ongoing. Alice in Wonderland AU in which Alice has been raised by the Red Queen, and is off to school to meet a cute roommate and learn to fight Jabberwockies. Don’t know where it’s going yet, all I know is that it’ll be sparkly.

Floraverse — Surreal fantasy dramedy, ongoing. The most visually gorgeous thing on this list, as well as the most confusing. (It starts with typical linear plots…then before you know it there are alternate timelines, and unreliable narrators, and it’s not clear how much of what you’ve read still lines up with the memories of any of the characters.) But it has wonderful creature design, stunning use of color, and a wealth of gorgeous art styles that are worth reading the whole thing just to look at.

(The dream sequence in BICP Interlude 4 was a direct attempt to mimic Floraverse’s palettes. Even though it’s nowhere near on that level, I like how they came out.)