As has probably been easy to guess from the comic, I live in the Boston area. Me and my roommates are all fine; we live well away from the areas with explosions, and none of us have to travel through the city today.

Some action tips adapted from friends:

– If you are in the city, get out, per a friend who’s a Boston EMT.
– Text rather than calling if you have to get in touch with someone. Too many calls jam the cell phone signals, and the emergency responders need those to be working right now.
– Remember at this point that all we have are rumors. Don’t treat even “confirmed” information as confirmed, because it happened so recently that even good-faith information will likely change.
– Donate blood if you haven’t recently. Mass General Hospital and the Red Cross have information on where and how. (Do this one even if you’re nowhere near Boston — there are always people in every area in need of blood transfusions.)

ETA: Red Cross MA reports they currently have more blood donors than they need. So if you’re in the area, don’t rush to donate now, but don’t forget, either — there won’t be the same glut of volunteers in a week or a month, so get yourself an appointment then.