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One Over Zero
1/0: Full story || Complete ⦿ || Self-referential kinda-fantasy

Endearingly weird narrative. The artist does things like bring individual molecules to life to round out the cast list; they get caught up in lots of debates about the nature of their existence.

95 Gallons
95 Gallons: Full story || Complete ⦿ || Fishy satire

The new fish in the tank attempts to become its evil overlord…via a long game of changing the local culture by inventing capitalism.

Adventurers!: Multi-arc continuity || Complete ⦿ || Fantasy comedy

The classic RPG parody. Our heroes deal with confusing video-game mechanics, fight multiple rival would-be-final bosses, and search for a full set of elemental relics (starting with helium).

Alice!: Multi-arc continuity || Ended (good stopping point, 2014) ⦿ || Fantastical comedy

An imaginative tween has adventures with her best friends, single dad, the occasional fantasy realm/alien visitors/time travelers, and art galleries.

Alice Grove
Alice Grove: Full story || Complete ⦿ || Sci-fi mystery

A perky alien drops into a quiet rural town…far in the future, and protected by a woman who’s more than she seems.

Always Human
Always Human: Full story || Complete || Sci-fi romance

A woman who designs VR environments falls for one of the few people with an allergy to nanobot body-modding. LGBTQ: main f/f romance, background polyam. (book)

Alternate Delusions
Alternate Delusions: Multi-arc continuity || Stopped (mid-arc, 2011) ⦿ || Sci-fi comedy

Two guys set up a new apartment in an interdimensional pocket, where they can make portals to other dimensions across a whole range of fantasy, sci-fi, and pop-culture parodies.

Angel Moxie
Angel Moxie: Full story || Complete ⊞ || Magical-girl comedy

Three junior-high girls get recruited to fight extra-dimensional evil…although the demon minibosses might have their own preferences re: world-conquering. (books)

Apocalyptic Horseplay
Apocalyptic Horseplay: Full story || Complete || Supernatural drama

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse are retired and leading peaceful lives in a small town of England…until their anonymity is threatened by the arrival of one nosy student journalist. And maybe the Antichrist. Content notes: murder, body horror, zombies.

Apoc High
Apoc High: Multi-arc continuity || Ended (good stopping point, 2006) ⦿ || Mundane-fantastic school comedy

A misanthropic grunge lesbian, her mostly-human classmates, and the occasional radioactive hamster. LGBTQ: main f/f and m/m crushes.

APOTHECIA: Full story || Complete || Sci-fi drama

A girl tries to feed and contain the murderous spore-alien trapped in the forest behind her house. Content notes: horror. (ebook)

Avialae: Full story || Complete ⦿ || Fantasy romance

A girl tries to feed and contain the murderous spore-alien trapped in the forest behind her house. Content notes: some body horror. LGBTQ: central m/m romance, secondary lesbian & trans characters. (books, ebooks)

A Better Place
A Better Place: Full story || Complete || Sci-fi drama

A young girl named Hannah and her brother Theo find something cool in the woods. Hannah then remakes the world.

Bite Me!
Bite Me!: Full story || Complete ⊞ || Historical farce with vampires

A bar-wench-turned-vampire makes an accidental posse of supernatural friends and wreaks havoc across revolutionary France. (book) (ebook)

The Blobbies
The Blobbies: Short story || Complete ⦿ || Mental-health fable

A serious-but-cute representation of the DID experience. Content notes: themes of abuse and depression.

Boy Meets Boy
Boy Meets Boy: Multi-arc continuity || Complete ⦿ || Mundane-fantastic slice-of-life comedy

A shiftless singer, his wealthy Russian boyfriend, their half-satanic landlady, and a full cast of fellow musicians/con-goers/troublemaking twentysomethings. LGBTQ: main m/m romances, secondary trans guy.

Breaking Cat News
Breaking Cat News: Multi-arc continuity || Complete || Adorable comedy

Serious important reporting on major issues of the household, according to its three cats. (Has a reboot in syndication, ongoing.)

Bruno the Bandit: Multi-arc continuity || Stopped (mid-arc, 2013) ⊞⦿ || Fantasy comedy

Sword and sorcery (and cell phones…and social satire) with a selfish mercenary and his put-upon microdragon sidekick. Their struggles include Lovecraftian horrors, fame vampires, and losing the TV remote. (books) (ebook)

A Budgie's Life
A Budgie’s Life: Gag-a-day || Complete || Slice-of-life

A bird owner goes from “first-timer” to “expert,” alongside her growing flock of little birds with big personalities.

Buying Time
Buying Time: Full story || Complete || Sci-fi romance

In a high-tech cyberpunk city where socializing costs money, a mild-mannered welder with a non-lucrative music hobby tries to woo his hot co-worker on a limited budget. LGBTQ: main m/m romance. Content notes: nudity, adult themes.

Casey and Andy
Casey and Andy: Multi-arc continuity || Complete ⦿ || Mundane-fantastic roommate comedy

Two guys, their girlfriends (one of whom is literally the Devil), Quantum Cop, mad science, damnation, time travel, genre-swapping alternate universes, and the King of Sweden. What Andy Weir did before writing The Martian.

Catball and Clown Girl
Catball and Clown Girl: Gag-a-day || Ended ⦿ || Cute comedy

Adorable sketches, sometimes with found-object humor, of an angry footless cat and his too-cheerful owner.

Chopping Block
Chopping Block: Gag-a-day || Ended (last update 2014) ⦿ || Horror, dark humor

Single-panel vignettes about a guy who wears a hockey mask and kills people. Content notes: horror, murder, violence, gore.

Dandy and Company
Dandy and Company: Multi-arc continuity || Complete ⊞ || Mundane-fantastic family comedy

A sarcastic dog, his beleagured humans, the occasional robot/demon/alien adventure, and a comedic sensibility that’s part Calvin and Hobbes, part Looney Tunes. Original and reboot, both complete. LGBTQ: background f/f. (books)

Digger: Full story || Complete ⊞ || Fantasy drama

A lost wombat gets herself lost and meets a dead god, a confused baby demon, an exiled hyena painter, and more. Content notes: deals with abuse. (book)

Dreamless: Full story || Complete || Historical drama

A World War II romance about an American girl and a Japanese boy who have seen each other’s lives in their sleep since birth.

Drop Out
drop out: Full story || Complete || Furry angst/drama

Two girlfriends go on a road trip to the Grand Canyon to jump off the edge. LGBTQ: main f/f romance (intersex lesbian + intersex enby). Content notes: deals with depression and suicide.

Drop The Cow!
Drop The Cow!: Multi-arc continuity || Stopped (mid-arc, 2015) ⦿ || Workplace comedy

An exiled hacker gets a job with tech support and tries to start a new life as a productive member of society. Admittedly, she doesn’t try very hard.

Elf Only Inn
Elf Only Inn: Multi-arc continuity || Ended (good stopping point, 2006) ⦿ || Internet comedy

All the people you’d find on a 2000’s-era RP forum, chatting and arguing and misspelling and fanboy/girling and doing just about anything except roleplaying.

Ellie on Planet X
Ellie on Planet X: Multi-arc continuity || Ended Hiatus 2018, returned in 2020 ⦿ || Sci-fi comedy

An adorable Hello-Kitty-shaped robot explores the Seussical landscape and creatures of an alien planet.

Friendly Hostility
Friendly Hostility: Multi-arc continuity || Complete ⦿ || Slice-of-life comedy

Spinoff about a couple from Boy Meets Boy: a reporter and a megalomaniacal would-be dictator/former kid’s show host. Friends, family, and occasional run-ins with the law, pirates, and other monsters. LGBTQ: main m/m romance.

The Fuhrer and the Tramp
The Führer and the Tramp: Full story || Complete ⦿ || Historical satire

Charlie Chaplin gets recruited to make anti-Hitler propaganda films, ends up in serious adventures with secret agents Hedy Lamarr and Erroll Flynn. (book) (ebooks)

Girls With Slingshots
Girls with Slingshots: Multi-arc continuity || Complete ⊞ || Mundane-fantastic awkward comedy

A hard-drinking writer, her cuddly best friend, a bunch of fellow twentysomethings in a range of awkward jobs, and a talking cactus. LGBTQ: main and secondary f/f romances (including lesbian, bi, and ace characters). (books)

Girly: Multi-arc continuity || Complete ⦿ || Mundane-fantastic comedy romance

A bored designer has her life turned upside-down when she gets recruited to be the sidekick of a woman who drags her on zany adventures. Plus: superheroes, sexy cops, online dating, squishy cats, and elephants. LGBTQ: main and secondary f/f romances.

Gorgeous Princess Creamy Beamy
Gorgeous Princess Creamy Beamy: Full story || Incomplete (last update 2010) ⦿ || Sci-fi comedy

Magical girl parody. Our heroine is the lost princess of the alien Sugar Kingdom, with magic powers fueled by junk food. LGBTQ: major gay and lesbian characters. Content notes: feeder/stuffing kink, sexual content, crass humor.

Guilded Age
Guilded Age: Full story || Complete || Fantasy drama/mystery

The saga of the working-class adventurer. A multi-species party tries to bring peace to an RPG-style fantasy world with deeper levels of mystery than they can imagine. Content notes: violence, character death. (books)

Happle Tea
Happle Tea: Gag-a-day || Ended? (last update 2019)  ⦿|| Mythology comedy

An ordinary kid, an assortment of pantheons, lots of myth jokes.

Hark! A Vagrant
Hark! A Vagrant: Gag-a-day || Ended ⦿ || Historical comedy

Disconnected one-shots about various literary and historical figures getting into inaccurate and easy-to-meme situations. (book)

Hollow: Full story || Incomplete (last update 2018) || Soft fantasy

A furry shepherd girl meets a huldra, and their relationship was going to get past subtext eventually. LGBTQ: f/f subtext.

Honey Crab
Honey Crab: Full story || Incomplete (last update 2018) || Soft fantasy

The long summer days in a sleepy, ordinary-seeming seaside town are disrupted when a girl falls off the edge of the world. LGBTQ: f/f crush.

Homestuck: Full story || Complete || Sci-fi/fantasy adventure

Four kids from around the world make friends online and play a video game, while being trolled by the group of friends who played the previous iteration. (There’s an ongoing sequel we will not speak of.) LGBTQ: main m/m and f/f romances. (books)

Hovergirls: Full story || Complete || Sci-fi comedy-drama

Jalissa and Kim Vasquez are two cousins just trying to make it in the city of Los Aguaceros. Well, Kim’s also trying to get famous. They just happen to be monster-fighting magical girls on the side. LGBTQ: main wlw character.

Hugo and Vern
Hugo and Vern: Full story || Incomplete (last update 2017) ⦿ || Fantasy romance

An incubus gets accidentally summoned by an ace guy who just wants to cuddle. It’s very confusing…but also kind of nice? LGBTQ: main m/m romance.

Impure Blood
Impure Blood: Full story || Complete || Fantasy drama

Dara is desperate to find an Ancient artifact, believing that it will unlock the mystery of her own past. Roan cares only for his freedom until a new player joins the game and threatens the very existence of humanity… (books)

In His Likeness
In His Likeness: Multi-arc continuity || Complete (sequel stopped mid-arc, 2019) || Mythology comedy

God is the first and forefront character of In His Likeness. Grand muckamuck and King Of All Creation, God is the straight man to all of life’s little jokes. LGBTQ: secondary queer characters.

Intragalactic: Multi-arc continuity || Incomplete (stopped mid-arc) ⦿ || Sci-fi comedy

Adventures of an ice-cream-truck spacecraft, its dysfunctional multispecies crew, and its sort-of-intelligent garbage-eating space rat. Content notes: feeder/stuffing kink, sexual content.

Johnson & Sir
Johnson & Sir: Multi-arc continuity || Complete ⊞ || Fantasy comedy

Sitcom with elf cops, in the big city of a magical world. LGBTQ: side m/m romance. (book)

Kid Radd
Kid Radd: Full story || Complete ⦿ || Video-game fantasy adventure

Hand-drawn and -animated sprite comic. An ordinary sprite from an outdated game discovers that a glitch in his code might be the only thing that can save the digital multiverse.

Lady of the Shard
Lady of the Shard: Full story || Complete ⦿ || Sci-fi/fantasy romance

A hundred years after the goddess defeated a great cosmic evil, an awkward acolyte at her space temple falls in love with her. LGBTQ: main f/f romances. Content notes: mind control, body horror.

Li'l Mell and Sergio
Li’l Mell and Sergio: Multi-arc continuity || Stopped (mid-arc, 2006) || Sci-fi comedy

Prequel to Narbonic. Adventures with the kid version of the gun-happy assistant Mell.

Luke Surl Comics
Luke Surl Comics: Gag-a-day || Ended? (last update 2018) || Comedy

Disconnected one-off comics with puns, visual gags, and nerd jokes.

Mechagical Girl A.N.T.
Mechagical Girl A.N.T.: Full story || Incomplete (officially abandoned) || Sci-fi adventure

Magical girl parody. Evil termite-aliens plan to take over the earth, opposed only by a race of ant-aliens and their giant mecha — which is just the right size for one human girl to wear as a suit of armor.

The Misadventures of Okk
The Misadventures of Okk: Multi-arc continuity || Stopped (mid-arc, 2008) ⦿ || Wacky fantasy comedy

Our hero is a world-class magic user, a reformed evil overlord, and a massive dope.

Mory's Education
Mory’s Education: Multi-arc continuity || Complete (ended prematurely) ⦿ || Mundane-fantastic school comedy

A socially-awkward teen superhacker and DDR champion, her multi-species group of friends. LGBTQ: m/m subtext, minor gender-undisclosed character.

Narbonic: Multi-arc continuity || Complete ⊞ || Sci-fi comedy

Heartwarming adventures with a mad scientist, some of her experiments, and the boring ordinary guy who becomes her new lab assistant. LGBTQ: secondary gay character. (books)

No Rest For The Wicked
No Rest For The Wicked: Full story || Incomplete (last update 2006) ⦿ || Dark fantasy

The journeys of a princess who can’t sleep, a gentleman with cat ears, and a huntress in a red hooded cloak. Content notes: typical fairytale violence.

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella
The Non-Adventures of Wonderella: Gag-a-day || Ended (last update 2019) ⦿ || Superhero comedy

Basically I am the raddest and best superhero ever. Here are my stats/powers: Super strong, super durable, super hott, and I can totally jump hella high. (books)

O Human Star
O Human Star: Full story || Complete || Sci-fi comedy-drama

Alastair Sterling was the inventor who sparked the robot revolution. And because of his sudden death, he didn’t see any of it. That is, until he wakes up 16 years later in a robot body that matches his old one exactly. LGBTQ: romance with main gay, bi/pan, and trans/nonbinary characters. (books)

Ozy and Millie
Ozy and Millie: Multi-arc continuity || Complete ⊞ || Furry comedy

Two best friends, an introspective wolf and an energetic fox, have cute adventures. Some philosophy, some politics, one excellent dragon dad. (books)

The Pantheon
The Pantheon: Multi-arc continuity || Stopped (last update 2012) || Mythological comedy

Gods and figures from various pantheons, hanging out together and getting up to all kinds of nonsense. Especially sexy nonsense. LGBTQ: lots of m/m. Content notes: religion, nudity, sexual references.

Pastel Defender Heliotrope
Pastel Defender Heliotrope: Full story || Complete || Sci-fi/fantasy

A self-loathing scientist, trying to hide the evidence of alternate universes from evil religious authorities, accidentally creates an unconventional magical girl. LGBTQ: main f/f romance. Content notes: deals with religious abuse, depression, and suicide. (video history)

Phoenix Flair
Phoenix Flair: Full story || Incomplete (last update 2016) || Fantasy drama

A newly-transformed magical girl in a Contract-based system needs the protection of a jaded veteran (who either has a dead twin, or got a whole new uniform when she lost her innocence). LGBTQ: f/f subtext.

Pizza Witch
Pizza Witch: Full story || Complete || Fantasy comedy

A story of magic, love, and pizza delivery. LGBTQ: main f/f crush. (book)

Power Ballad
Power Ballad: Full story || Complete || Mystery, romance

She’s an international pop star by day, a masked vigilante superhero by night, making music and fighting crime with the help of one devoted assistant. LGBTQ: main f/f romance (including lesbian and bi characters).

Relativity: Full story || Incomplete (last update 2016) || Sci-fi drama

An astronaut on a time-dilating mission returns to an alternate version of her life (and her wife). LGBTQ: main f/f romance.

The Robman Show
The Robman Show: Multi-arc continuity || Ended (last update 2010) ⦿ || Mundane-fantastic comedy

Slice-of-life with a nerd, some friends, a couple of talking toys, and the occasional angel and/or devil.

Rockababy: Full story || Complete ⦿ || Sci-fi comedy

A high school greaser tries to help an alien baby after its spacecraft crashed onto Earth. They have more in common than you’d think… LGBTQ: secondary m/m couple.

RPG World
RPG World: Full story || Incomplete (officially abandoned) ⦿ || Fantasy comedy

Final-Fantasy-style RPG parody. Good lampshade-hanging jokes, lovable oddball characters. Discontinued so Ian Jones-Quartey could focus on animation. (Steven Universe owns an action figure of the main character.)

Sad to Gay
Sad to Gay: Gag-a-day || Ended? (last update 2018) || Slice-of-life comedy

Relatable autobiographical trans content, co-starring the fabulously confident Packer the Unicorn. LGBTQ: main gay trans guy.

Say the Right Thing
Say the Right Thing: Full story || Complete || Fantasy comedy

On your arm are the first words your soulmate will ever say to you. Sometimes they’re nice. Sometimes they’re vague. Sometimes they’re “Watch it, Jackass.” And sometimes your soulmate is a wanted felon and also magic. Oh well. LGBTQ: main m/m couple.

Schlock Mercenary
Schlock Mercenary: Multi-arc continuity || Complete || Sci-fi comedy

You’ve met the mercenaries. You’ve seen them kill or be killed. You’ve seen them kill AND be killed. Now see them recover lost body parts, fight in the biggest war on record, create an entire demographic of clones, and go from “saving the galaxy by accident” to “saving the galaxy on purpose.” (books)

The Sea In YouThe Sea In You: Full story || Complete || Fantasy romance

Corinth was just trying to clean up the beach, she never expected to meet a mermaid, let alone be nearly drowned by one. LGBTQ: main f/f couple.

Serenity Rose
Serenity Rose: Full story || Complete ⊞ || Spooky fantasy

Some witches use their powers to become leaders, superheroes, rock stars. Sera uses hers to hole up in a goth mansion and avoid social interaction. Sometimes it finds her anyway. LGBTQ: main lesbian character, secondary f/f plots. Content notes: horror imagery. (book)

ShamseeShamsee: Full story || Complete || Comedy adventure

Shamsee’s a small time thief short on common sense. While calling upon his resources and stumbling across luck both good and bad, the criminal underworld threatens to come out from under him. Business associates, old flames and new flings all want something from Shamsee, and he’s willing to give: for the right price. LGBTQ: main bi character. (ebooks)

Small Blessings
Small Blessings: Full story || Complete ⊞ || Soft fantasy

Cute domestic adventures of a tiny house-spirit, doing protective magic and making friends in an old apartment building. LGBTQ: enby main and secondary characters. (books)

The Snail Factory
The Snail Factory: Multi-arc continuity || Stopped (last update 2015) || Surreal comedy

Workplace humor with eldritch monstrosities, on dystopian industrial equipment, making snails. Content notes: body horror.

So...You're A Cartoonist?
So…You’re A Cartoonist?: Gag-a-day || Ended (last update 2017) || Slice-of-life comedy

Autobiographical jokes about the joys, exaggerated irritations, and very weird misunderstandings that happen when you make comics.

Sorcery 101
Sorcery 101: Multi-arc continuity || Complete || Fantasy drama

Private school teacher by day, amateur sorcerer by night, navigating friends and enemies in the city’s underground vampire/werewolf/etc society. LGBTQ: secondary m/m romance. Content notes: violence/torture, mind control. (books) (ebooks)

Stand Still Stay SilentStand Still Stay SilentFull story || Complete || Fantasy drama

Post apocalyptic webcomic with elements from Nordic mythology, set 90 years in the future. It’s a story about friendship and exploring a forgotten world, with some horror, monsters and magic on the side. (books/ebooks)

Starward Lovers
Starward Lovers: Full story || Complete || Sci-fi romance

Jen joins a secret team of crimefighters, battles aliens, and basks in the affections of her hot, gay, female coworkers in pursuit of her crush, the stunning femme Revonda Red. LGBTQ: main f/f romances.

StickManStickMan: Loose continuity || Complete ⦿ || Comedy

Magic, superheroes, power levels, time travel, the independent republic of Vaultand, and more. Like if xkcd had less elaborate science and more jokes about levitating pizzas.

Stuff of Legends
Stuff of Legends: Multi-arc continuity || Complete (ended prematurely) ⦿ || Fantasy comedy

The world’s most jaded veteran adventurer ends up with a tagalong fanboy, who’s unfazed no matter how grumpy he gets. (novelization)

Suburban Jungle
The Suburban Jungle: Multi-arc continuity || Complete || Furry comedy

Sitcom adventures (with a dash of sci-fi) of model and would-be actress Tiffany Tiger, and her friends and colleagues around LA.

Sword Interval
Sword Interval: Full story || Complete || Supernatural drama

The Sword Interval is about a world on the verge of a supernatural apocalypse. Most of humanity goes about their daily lives trying to ignore the constant threat of magic and monsters, but a few face these dangers head-on. Fall is one such person. She has left behind the sheltered safety of the paranormal witness protection program in order to hunt down the monster that killed her family.

Tea Dragon Society
The Tea Dragon Society: Full story || Complete ⦿ || Soft fantasy

A cute orc-girl blacksmith meets a cute faun-girl with memory loss, her two adoptive dads, and the adorable tiny dragons they raise. LGBTQ: main m/m romance, f/f crush. (book)

That Deaf Guy
That Deaf Guy: Multi-arc continuity || Ended (last update 2016) || Slice-of-life comedy

Family-friendly sitcom about the day-to-day life of a deaf guy, his hearing ASL-interpreter wife, and their bilingual hearing kid. (book)

Venus Envy
Venus Envy: Multi-arc continuity || Stopped (mid-arc, 2014) ⦿ || Comedy, drama

One of the first trans webcomics, following a group of high school friends just trying to get through the 2000’s. LGBTQ: main bi/trans girl, trans guy, and lesbian characters. Content notes: deals with transphobia, violence, and assault.

Weird Sisters
Weird Sisters: Full story || Incomplete (last update 2018) || Comedy, drama

Friendships in a sorority that’s a front for a witch coven, on a modern-but-spooky campus. LGBTQ: main trans girl, enby, and wlw characters; side mlm characters.

What Happens in Carpediem...
What Happens in Carpediem…: Full story || Complete ⦿ || Comedy, romance

An MMORPG character gets in-game married to a party member for the status boost. Hijinks, genuine attractions, and IRL identity shenanigans ensue. LGBTQ: main m/m romance, crossplaying secondary character. Content notes: it gets a bit steamy in places.

What Is Roleplaying?
What Is Roleplaying?: Short story || Complete ⦿ || Fantasy, sci-fi

A group of friends get together for a freewheeling, genre-bending tabletop RPG session.

Xartin’Delic: Full story || Complete (ended prematurely) ⦿ || Fantasy comedy

A pair of boneheaded half-elf siblings set off on a quest for acceptance, picking up a wacky crew of multi-species weirdos along the way.

Zebra Girl
Zebra Girl: Full story || Complete || Dark fantasy

Three roommates find a magic book that turns one of them into a stripey demon with incendiary powers. While they try to turn her back, things keep getting darker and weirder. Content notes: violence/injury.

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Doctor Who:
Doctor Why [Worst of the Time Lords] (complete)
The Ten Doctors (complete) ⦿

Daily Show/Colbert Report:
Fake News Rumble (complete) ⦿

Lord of the Rings:
DM of the Rings (complete)

Sailor Moon:
Cosmos Arc (complete)
Four King Hell (last update 2019) ⦿
Future Reunion (complete)
New Moonlight (last update 2014)
Saga of the Orb of Time and sequels (complete)
Sailor Moon CS (last update 2015)
Tenth Charm (last update 2010)

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