We did it! We funded the But I’m A Cat Person omnibus! The Cat is very proud of you all. 

Just look at all this pride:

Sleeping Fluffy.

Aww, yeah.

Here’s the rundown on what happens next…

1) Backer surveys will start going out in the next week-ish. Next to the actual transfer of funds, survey responses are the most important thing I need to get the books finished.

2) The mini-print poll is closed, and the winner is…

Chapter 20 cover art

 …the constant front-runner! No surprises there.

I know I said the size would be 6×8″, and I’d adjust the artwork to fit. But in this case, the cropping would’ve taken off so much, I decided to go ahead and make the prints 6×9″. (Hope none of you already ordered a custom frame.)

3) Gonna draw at least a few bonus pages. I’ll post backer-only advance looks to Kickstarter. Everyone else will just have to wait in suspense.

Nobody sprang for the “custom mini-arc” tier, so when it comes to the plot and the characters, I’ll just be drawing Whatever I Want. And hey, given that the whole comic was built on Whatever I Want, I think you’ll like the results.

4) I’m also making some final updates to the art in the main story. Not major revisions like I did for the trade-paperback release, just “fixing little things that still bug me.” 

Because if not now, when? And: this is the Master’s Edition, not the Good-Enough Edition.

5) The online Annotated Re-Release is still going!

So any time you need an extra hit of BICP content in between official Kickstarter updates, don’t worry: it’ll be here, serving 5 new pages a week.