A clarification: this is only a list of webcomics where everyone’s an animal, not webcomics where everyone’s an animal and that’s a kink. Hope I didn’t get anyone’s hopes up.

Series that are mostly just about talking animals:

Skinny Panda – Melancholy/comedy, ongoing. Existential dilemmas are always better with cute fuzzy creatures.

Holy Mole: Comedy, discontinued. A mole priest and the antics of his forest-creature congregation.

Series where the animals are anthro and society is basically like ours:

Suburban Jungle – Comedy, soap opera, finished. A model/actress and her motley crew of friends, professional associates, and the occasional rival.

The Class Menagerie – Comedy, soap opera, finished. A ragtag team of freshmen try to figure out this college thing.

Kevin & Kell – Comedy, soap opera, ongoing. This one’s a little more into the animal aspect, starring a mixed-species family. It also jumps seamlessly into storylines about alternate universes once in a while.

Ozy and Millie – comedy, mostly gag-a-day or short arcs, completed. The charming adventures of a pair of eccentric young fox BFFs and their friends and family (including the occasional dragon). Hits that Calvin-and-Hobbes-esque sweet spot of eloquence, kid-weirdness, humor and heart-warming.

Series that go deep into fantasy/sci-fi territory:

Commander Cottontail – comedy, gag-a-day, ongoing. Lego-based jokes about sci-fi tropes.

Tales of the Questor: comedy/drama story, ongoing. A kid from a fantasy raccoon society wants to be a legend-style adventuring hero…and the local strain of career-affirming magic tells him to go for it.