If you’ve been following the BICP annotated re-release, you’ve seen a few comments along the lines of “why didn’t I do X in the art here? If I was going to re-remaster it, I would do X.”

Well, it happened so many times that I decided, you know what — every time I have this thought, I’m going to open up the master files and actually do X.

You can get a first look by supporting BICP on Patreon. Sneak peeks from Omnibus 1 (don’t mind the automated warning, the whole post is worksafe):

Omnibus 1 preview

And the next round, from Omnibus 2:

Omnibus 2 preview

Go give them a look!

As of this writing of this post, annotations are queued through June 2024. That covers everything through BICP chapter 22, which wrapped up Volume 6 in the original trade-paperback release. We’re 75% of the way through.

At some point I’ll go back through the re-release and replace all the updated pages. For now, I’m just making sure the new versions get in the Master’s Edition.

(This is why we’re a little behind the projected Kickstarter timeline, by the way. The art updates themselves are pretty minor! But the fact that I’m doing them alongside writing hundreds of annotations? That’s a Process. The slow-and-steady kind.)