Every once in a while, a reader comments on how they appreciate that BICP isn’t all about white people (or about people of color, but only in a Very Special Episode kind of way).

So for anyone who’s ever felt that way, here are some other webcomics you should check out:

TUNE – Comedy/sci-fi story, ongoing. Our hero, an art student, isn’t kidnapped to serve in an alien zoo in another dimension — instead, the aliens offer to pay him for it. The main character is Korean-American, as is most of the (human) cast.

Order Of The Stick – Comedy/fantasy story, ongoing, very long. One of the best D&D-sendup webcomics. The presence of fantasy species muddles the race question a bit, but not all the main characters have pale skin and not all the imaginary cultures are vaguely-European in design.

Dreamless – Drama fantasy/historical story, finished. The official description sums it up best: “A World War II romance about an American girl and a Japanese boy who have seen each other’s lives in their sleep since birth.”

Narbonic – Comedy daily strip with a loose arc, finished. The adventures of a mad scientist and her various sidekicks and/or experiments. Amazing for female characters. There’s only the one black character, and he’s actually [spoiler], but the comic is a valuable lead-in to…

Skin Horse – Comedy daily strip with various arcs, ongoing. The adventures of a secret government organization that goes on missions to help sapient nonhumans. Main team includes a multiracial zombie (as in, she’s literally made from the body parts of people of multiple races), and a lot of their associates are nonwhite. Has had some great developments as far as queer characters go, too.

Mahou Shounen Fight – comedy/fantasy story, ongoing. As the title implies, it’s about an all-male team of transforming heroes (complete with pretty sparkly costumes) who have some kind of magical mission awaiting them. Half of the heroes and at least half the civilian cast are characters of color. Meanwhile, queer promise abounds.

And that’s just the handful I’m actively into. Are there other webcomics you like that star nonwhite, non-tokenized characters? Rec them in the comments!