Just did a refresher on the basic layout of this site. No more broken links! Lots of relevant ones, organized more sensibly! Promo images that sit harmoniously together!

Vote BICP Seriously, look at this classy trio. So stylish. So clean.

If you spot any typos or errors, or if a link moved and now you can’t find it, drop a comment on this post to let me know!

In other news: Recently got BICP recced on The Slash Pile, a blog with a whole long list of LGBTQ webcomics.

I’ve been working my way through those other comics in my spare time. If you’ve noticed how my ComicRocket reading list recently ballooned to half again its original size…yeah, that’s from lots of queer webcomics getting added on a “to read, and find out if I like it” basis.

Support BICP on Patreon The bad news is, a lot of them, especially the m/m ones, are depressingly samey. Lots of “male character #1 bumps into male character #2…their eyes meet…blushing, heart-pounding, maybe some flower petals blowing by…literally no characterization for either of them yet…no idea what kind of dynamic they’re going to have as people…[optional] oh, whoops, now they’re having sex already.”

The good news? There are some real gems in here. Look forward to a detailed rec post soon.

In the meantime: anyone here who prefers to follow their webcomics on SmackJeeves? Then you’re in luck, because the BICP archives are getting crossposted.

They’ll come up at a rate of one page per day. If you’re intimidated by the size of the current archive, this is also a handy opportunity to read along at a more manageable pace.

And even if this doesn’t do anything for you — the main site is always going to be the best place to read — do still drop by and give the comic some +favorites/good ratings, if you have an account! Making it look more appealing to new potential readers always helps.