All 3 paperbacks of the Master's Edition in a row

All the volumes of the BICP Master’s Edition have been printed and delivered!

Paperbacks and hardcovers. The full 3-book set. No last-minute horrible disasters on the latest delivery. All the boxes are finally here.

RIP having any space in my living room.

Room full of book boxes

The only thing left to finish production is the slipcases. Since this is supposed to be a box set, and that only works if it comes in a box.

I, uh, definitely underestimated how much of a pain these things would be.

Their future is…a little bit in doubt, at this point. Watch the campaign updates for more details, and to keep up with the latest news.

All 3 hardcovers of the Master's Edition, in a pile

If you just want to know when you can get the books, because you didn’t preorder them during the campaign — watch this space!

I do have a limited supply of extra Master’s Edition sets. Once the preorders start shipping, I’ll put the rest up for sale to anybody else who wants one, and post here to let you know.

Cat investigating the BICP Master's Edition hardcover set