A single rec post for sci-fi webcomics isn’t nearly enough to cover them all. So here’s another round! All out among the stars this time, with spacecraft and aliens abounding.

Read any other comics along these lines? Share in the comments!

Ava’s Demon – drama story, ongoing. Our heroine is a girl diagnosed as delusional because nobody else can see the “demon” tormenting her. Also, it’s the future, most of the characters are aliens, and the planet’s about to be attacked. The format is reminiscent of Homestuck — single panels, plus the occasional flash animation with sound — but the art is way more lush, and the plot way more linear.

I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space! – comedy story, finished (though I’m behind in my reading of it). Exactly what it says on the tin, with art reminiscent of pulpy ’40s comics.

Legostar Galactica – comedy story, ongoing. A sendup of any and every major sci-fi franchise, portrayed in increasingly complex sets and arrangements of Lego figures.

Scenes From A Multiverse – gag-a-day, ongoing. Aliens, robots, other dimensions, some lovely social satire, some charming crack. Also, regular visits to the Bunnies Planet, in the Zone of Adorable.

Intragalactic – story-ish comedy, discontinued. The adventures of a dysfunctional spaceship crew of kinda-sorta heroes, featuring some excellent alien designs.

Eggbert – comedy story, discontinued. The adventures of an evil genius trying to conquer the galaxy, his stupid talking pumpkin sidekick, and a green teenager just trying not to get killed along the way.