More webcomics I’ve caught up with lately, from the ol’ reading list.

Four King Hell (Sailor Moon) – Beryl’s generals come back, non-evil, and crash with Mamoru. Shenanigans ensue. Then more supposedly-dead characters start coming back, and the shenanigans get more serious.

This one’s on indefinite hiatus now, of the “author no longer likes the first chunk and would like to totally redo it before going onward, and we’re all aware how likely that is to happen” flavor. Fingers crossed that someday they just bite the bullet and go for the finish.

Grim Tales (Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy) – Mandy grew up, married Grim, and now they have adorable kids. Crossover worldbuilding includes everything from The Nightmare Before Christmas to Samurai Jack. Mostly takes place in various hell dimensions, so this one does have a lot of dark content — also, hella sibling-incest vibes, so if that’s not your thing, do steer clear.

Hark! A Vagrant (lots of classic lit, plus other things) – look, I’m reccing this one with the fancomics, okay. Even though it also makes history jokes. Gag-a-day (or rather, multi-gag-an-unevenly-timed-update) comedy, the source of at least one meme you’ve heard of, and probably several.

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella – not a fancomic, but a close-treading parody of DC/Marvel superhero stuff. I guess technically it’s gag-a-day, but every update is the length of several standard pages, so it’s more funny-short-story-a-day. Relaxingly silly. With good puns.