A bunch of plottier comics, with engaging characters driving them.

The Gods of Arr-Kelan: fantasy with SF elements, complete. What happens when a random bunch of human spacefaring passengers get thrown into the roles of deities (complete with sudden magical powers) on an alien world. A lot of it reminds me of Trigun.

Look Straight Ahead: real-world psychology, complete. Follows a teenager through a mental break with reality, evocatively illustrated from his POV.

What Nonsense: mostly-realism with anthro characters, ongoing. An overworked businessman gets sent to what was supposed to be a nice calming retreat, only to find himself in the company of a bunch of exceedingly strange fellow guests.

Trying Human: sci-fi, ongoing. Our heroine is fighting against experimented on by aliens; one of the greys is developing a crush on her; her boyfriend just moved away for a super-secret job that turns out to be at Area 51; and we keep flashing back to the story of a woman who worked there in the ’50s and made friends with the first grey they caught.

Unsounded: fantasy, ongoing. There’s a snarky, scrappy girl with a tail; her bodyguard is a serious-minded magic-wielding zombie; and she’s trying to carry out a mission without tripping any wires in some kind of developing severe international conflict.

Bruno the Bandit: fantasy, completed. This one’s more gag-based, but the drama ramps up as the arcs start building on each other, while satirizing everything from epic fantasy to reality TV along the way.