By which I mean the ones that feature actual openly queer people, not just heavy queer subtext (delicious as that can be).

Girly – arc-based crack/romance adventures, completed, can be NSFW. Our heroine’s life is so boring that she doesn’t even have a name. Then Winter shows up, and everything takes a turn for the pleasantly insane. Also, they hook up early on, and stay that way. Has some fabulously expressive artwork, and seriously, the whole thing is hilarious.

Chaos Life – gag-a-day, ongoing. Slice-of-life comedy with a couple of geeky married lesbians. (Well, one of them is agender. And all of that is the refreshingly normalized backdrop for silly fun like sock-puppet theater.)

Prince of Cats – romance/drama story, ongoing. Our heroes are a couple of high school seniors whose harrowing past stories and current life-direction angst is getting in the way of them just making out, already. Also, one of them can talk to cats. Lovely limited-palette watercolor art.

Boy Meets Boy – gag-a-day dramedy, complete. One of those sprawling-gay-guy-ensemble series. I’ll be honest, it’s been a long time since I last read it, so I can’t recommend any specific points…just assure you that I was entertained. (And was not disappointed with the women in the cast, which can be a problem sometimes in these things.)

Collar 6 – sexy dramedy, ongoing, definitely NSFW. I don’t even know how to describe this one. It started out as this charmingly OTT BDSM romance, tropey in a way that’s more common in m/m, so it was neat to find that in f/f. And then suddenly it turned out to be in an alternate universe where BDSM gave you superpowers. And now they’re having some kind of Bond-esque adventures? I don’t even know. (The m/f couples are just as sexualized and kink-focused, so there’s no “oh, those freaky gay people” vibe.)

Girls With Slingshots – gag-a-day slice-of-life, ongoing. A bunch of twentysomethings being awkward in the city, and probably drinking too much. Also, a talking cactus. Stars several characters who are lesbians even when not in relationships, plus one possibly-asexual. Funny and entertaining, with especially cute cats.