Some recommendations in the vein of: if you’re a fan of Series X, check out Fancomic Y.

++ Doctor Who

Doctor Why – gag-a-day, completed. A snarky take on the Tenth Doctor’s time in office.

The Ten Doctors – dramedy story, completed. A heartfelt multi-era crossover in which Doctors One through Ten (plus assorted Companions) team up, yell at each other, and solve some temporal shenanigans.

++ The Lord of the Rings

DM of the Rings – parody, completed. The story of LOTR if it were being played out as a D&D campaign.

++ Sailor Moon

The Saga of the Orb of Time and sequels – dramedy story, completed. The senshi face down time travel shenanigans. I love time travel shenanigans.

Four King Hell – comedy-turned-drama, developing story, ongoing. Endymion’s four guardians re-manifest in Mamoru’s apartment; antics ensue. And they’re not the only characters from earlier seasons to be reappearing…

Moonstruck – comedy, on hiatus. A parody adventure using the settings and sprites of the Sailor Moon: Another Story video game.

++ Kim Possible

Anything’s Possible – action/romance story, nearly completed. In which the characters are awesome and beautifully rendered, and Kim and Shego will finally get to make out.

++ Hellsing

And Shine Heaven Now – comedy, drama, action, story with some gag-a-day features, completed. The comic I was still working on even for a while after starting BICP.

Hellsing Bloopers – gag-a-day, completed. (…For now.) Various mistakes, misfires, awkward situations, and general ridiculousness experienced by characters from all over the series.

Resurrection – drama/mystery story, ongoing. Post-series, a vampirized Enrico Maxwell shows up on Hellsing’s doorstep and asks if he can stay. It goes about as smoothly as you’d expect.

Great Idea, and sequel Oblivion – action/comedy story, ongoing. With the popularity of the manga and OVAs, a bunch of neglected characters from the Hellsing anime decide to team up and win back the spotlight.

++ Fake News (Daily Show/Colbert Report)

Fake News Rumble – dramedy story, completed. Dick Cheney turns out to be an interdimensional evil alien conqueror. Luckily, all the Daily Show correspondents and a whole bunch of their friends and associates turn out to have superpowers. (Jon Stewart may even be the Chosen One.)