More gag-based strips. These, though, are tied together by an ongoing regular cast.

Catball and Clown Girl, no longer updating: an angry lump of a cat (with no feet!) and his cheerful sidekick.

Chim Chum and the Portly Samurai, ongoing: a silent fox and the samurai for whom he sidekicks.

Chopping Block, no longer updating: a serial killer and all his favorite knives. (Warning for dark content.)

Happle Tea, ongoing: a cute kid and a bunch of gods, spirits, and mythological creatures.

Nedroid Picture Diary, ongoing: an optimistic potato-shaped bear and a snarky bird.

ShaBot 6000, no longer updating: a Jewish robot.

Vicious Lies, no longer updating: this guy and his wife. Seriously, though, it’s funny.