(Backing up the rec posts from Mondays to Sundays, so you’ll have time to sit down and read some of the strips before coming back to find the next BICP page.)

Most of these comics have engaging stories; most of them have a haunting or creepy vibe going on. Oh, and the art is unique in a way that grabs you and drags you in.

No Rest For The Wicked – Drama story, ongoing. Fairytale characters on a quest that isn’t working out as easily as it seems like it should, including a princess who can’t sleep and a girl in a red cloak who seems awfully handy with that axe. Bonus: femslash-baity.

The Property of Hate – Surrealist story, ongoing. There’s a guy with a TV for a head and a lot of fantastic landscapes with pretty colors and I don’t really know what’s going on but it’s fun to look at, okay?

Zebra Girl – Comedy-then-drama story, ongoing. Our heroine accidentally gets her body morphed into that of a stripey demon. Stars as fun slice-of-life-plus-weirdness comedy, then takes a sharp turn for the serious, dramatic, and gripping. Even when they (also accidentally) summon a cartoon rabbit from another dimension.

The Snail Factory – Surreal gag-a-day strip, ongoing. Life and workplace satire with the various creatures who work at a factory where snails are made. This is another one that’s beautifully detailed and fun to look at. Also, funny.

Gunnerkrigg Court – Comedy-mystery fantasy, ongoing. Also femslash-baity. A bunch of kids at the kind of school with robots, rogue spirits, dubiously-human attendees, and uncertain metaphysics. The forest across the water is full of mythological doings, and during scenes of particular magic or significance the art will shift appropriately.