Webcomics about various shades of religion, myth, legend, and lore. (Only includes ones I haven’t already recced based on other themes.)

The Pantheon: comedy, finished (stopped). Frequently NSFW. Pretty traditional artwork. It starts off with Satan and Pan becoming bros, and goes on with the crossovers and fun from there. Queer characters abound.

Olympus Overdrive: comedy-adventure, ongoing. A kid accidentally volunteers for a strange game, starting when he gets mailed a god in a box. Features some awesome use of animation and sound.

The Locked Maze: drama story, finished (completed). Our heroine is plagued by ghosts and nightmares, there’s a conspiracy afoot in Faerie, and something’s gone wrong with the afterlife.

Cargo Cult: drama story, ongoing. On a remote island in the Pacific, a local shaman performs a ritual to bring back the American planes that brought them such prosperity during WWII. It…sort of works.

Magick Chicks and Eerie Cuties: comedy stories, ongoing. High school adventures with witches, vampires, and the occasional human costumed superhero.