Just a few things I haven’t recced yet. These are all basically set in the real world, and tend to have ordinary-human-level plots, but with varying levels of supernatural or just-plain-weird elements added in.

Uh-oh, it’s a Dinosaur: comedy, ongoing. From the creator of Phil Likes Tacos. Ordinary guy gets a talking lizard in the mail. Life proceeds as usual, except with “Kyra” trying to figure humans out.

Tonja Steele: comedy, stopped. Starring an amazonian single mom, her rambunctious daughter, the regulars at the bar where they usually hang out, and, every once in a while, Jesus.

Apoc High: comedy, stopped. Not the greatest art, but what can I say, it charms me anyway. Another high school comedy with the odd mythological element, including an elf on the football team and a vampire as the romantic rival for our angry-goth-lesbian antiheroine.

Mory’s Education: comedy-turned-drama, complete. Another gang of high schoolers, with quite a few pairs of animal ears. Our heroine is to all appearances human, but her skills with computers border on the supernatural.

User Friendly: comedy, ongoing. A geekier version of Dilbert, mixing workplace humor with more tech-based jokes. A talking pile of dust hangs around the office being cute, and the odd evil computer and sinister cola mascot make appearances.